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Who are the people behind the Co-op and what are the reasons behind the incorporation of the Co-op..

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Many people are wondering who are the people behind the co-op. People are also commenting in the Facebook that we are working with politicians or are supported by politicians or we aligned to those political parties.

We need to make it clear here that the people behind the co-op are just ordinary people. And we are not happy and not proud to be aligned with any politicians or political parties.

We are in fact a group of people, upon seeing the lands in the kampung, neglected and ununtilised for ages, decided to do something about it. All the young people had already left the kampung, included all of us. The older people almost of them no longer around. The land is fertile. Rather than leaving it to rotten, might as well plant something. To start the project, we formed team which is known as project sponsor (Jawatan Kuasa Penaja).

For us to work on the land alone, we don't not have the money. So we have decided to form the food and farm based co-op, inviting the younger generation and their family to work on the land. The idea is that if we profited from the project, it will be shared among the members. Everybody will chips in the money to fund the project. Starting from only one kampung, now we have four kampungs participating in the project. As the results we are seeing hundreds of acre of agriculture land, ready to be exploited. We then call this project Pertiwi Project.

The strategy is to lease the lands from the owner. The team started connecting with land owner, formed a social media group to bring them together. We communicate via social media, to get their buy in. The team meet every week through online meeting channel, especially during the period of covid-19 MCO.

We decided on the food and farm based co-op because it is easy to relate with prospective members. When they were children back then, they were children of a farmer. They understand it fully well. So the idea quickly get accepted very quickly.

On 30 June 2020, the project sponsor presented the proposal to the Director of Suruhanjaya Koperasi in Ipoh. Thankfully it was approved the following day. A new co-op was born and the journey just started. The fist requirement to be met is to make sure that the proposed co-op has at least 50 serious prospective members.

The background informaton of the people behind the co-op, can be found in the website. Click this link The team will be affirmed in the first general meeting on 29 August 2020.

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