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The premise of our formation is to be one of the main player in modern agrobusiness venture. We will capitalise on our major strength especially the people behind the Co-op but more importantly the diverse group of people that become our members. With more than 100,000 hectar of unutilised land, we can effectively capitalised with reasonable acquistion cost.
Who we are?

The Co-op received an approval  from Suruhanjaya Koperasi  for its formation on 1 July 2020. With the approval, the Project Sponsors then proceed with registration of it members and work toward its registration. The project team proceed with planning to launch the projects and begin the land acquisition.


We want to be world class social enterprise that will bring positive impact with local and international community.


To develop a global platform which support creation of sustainable economic activities and human capital development. This can be achieved by creating a comprehensive network of farmers, researchers, market place, corporate bodies and policy makers nationally and internationally.



  • To be an effective vehicle for members to participate in ownership of the Co-op and working together to achieve the vision, mission and stated objectives.

  • To identify, encourage and open opportunity for members to embark in economic and business activities that commensurate  with their qualification, skill and abilities.

  • To develop business support system by creating a market place, supply chain management so that business could be conducted in conducive manner and a reasonable costs.

  • To develop support infrastructure for development human of human capital. The emphasis is to upgrade their knowledge and increase efficiency using modern farming technology and doing business in digital technology platform.


Our strategy to achieve success :

  • Acquire suitable unused agriculture lands  and transform it to modern farm.

  • Work with the expert in the fields of modern farming, researchers and food production technologist

  • Build a strong network of supply chain the link the farmers and market place throughout the country.

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